Thursday, August 28, 2008

Breed Profile: Irish Wolfhound

One of the most beautiful and also one of the largest dogs in the world is the Irish Wolfhound. This large animal is most noted for good nature and for its incredible size which generally reaches up to 90cm in height for males and about 80cm for females. When standing upright on their two hind legs these magnificent animals have been known to reach heights of 7 feet and even slightly taller, making them the tallest dog breed – even exceeding heights of Great Danes. With a mildly dishevelled look the Irish Wolfhound is surprisingly easy to groom and does not require vast amounts of animal grooming.

Categorised in the dog breed of sight hounds these are animals that are stimulated by what they see and enjoy playing and chasing playfully around gardens, because of their lively spirits and sheer size they do need to be kept in homes with gardens large enough to suit their own size. Unfortunately these gorgeous animals do not live very long and have a generally estimated life span of between 5-9 years. Despite their size and weight which, can reach up to well over 50 kilograms, Irish Wolfhounds are fast runners and make wonderful animals for competitive coursing.