Monday, August 18, 2008

Animal stories: Macavity the cat

An animal can and very often does bring vast amounts of joy into our everyday lives. Here is a story about just one little furry feline animal that will make your heart beam and is certain to turn the corners of your mouth upwards.

The town of Wolverhampton in England is definitely home to one of the more adventurous and intelligent animals the world has to offer. This town and its bus drivers as well as the bus passengers have taken to a white cat who catches a bus ride in the mornings. The animal is seen most days jumping into the bus at one bus stop and then promptly jumping out of the bus at the next bus. Getting off at the second bus stop may not be too much of a coincidence for this cute animal as it is located very near to a fish and chips shop.

Nicknamed Macavity after the animal in T.S. Eliot’s poem, this impeccably snow white animal has two different coloured eyes – one blue and one green – and sports a purple collar making him unmistakable and his presence on the very same bus every morning makes him a cat of unusual merit. The cat is regularly seen up to three times a week jumping in and out of the bus and is not accompanied by an owner. The mystery of Macavity has passengers and bus riders very impressed and very amused with this clever little animal.