Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cat Food

Choosing what to feed your cat or dog is something that can lead to lengthy periods spent hanging around the pet isles in local shops. Finding something that is both affordable, healthy, and is also enjoyable to your pet can be a bit of a challenge but there a few basic steps that can help make the choices around cat food much simpler. Cat food comes in an extremely wide range of varieties, not only can you choose between dry and soft cat food but within these two types there are innumerable brands and different varieties to choose from. The companies that produce these cat foods do of course have a pretty good idea as to what cats enjoy but as you might – and probably will – experience your cat may have a few fussy ideas of their own as to what their cat food should entail.

Starting out at the kitten phase you will likely be feeding your kitten softer cat food that they can easily digest. As kittens are young, they are more likely to try out foods that older cats may steer away from, so as your kitten starts to grow and moves onto more solid cat food you can experiment with different cat foods to see which ones meet their approval. By speaking to your cat’s vet and to other cat owners you can find out which cat foods are the healthier options and then be guided by your cat’s own delights in choosing flavours and treats to keep their cat food interesting and their diets in top form.