Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Animal safety and your dog

Do you find that your dog develops a mean streak when it is around other dogs that lead to serious animal safety concerns? You can train your dog to be vigilant and weary without them becoming fighters that jump at every gate that they walk past and being belligerent around other animals and people that they do not know. Dog fighting can lead to unfortunate problems and animal safety concerns, but with the right training and knowledge you can train your pet to heed your calls and listen to your commands that can save you both from dangerous animal safety situations.

Sufficient dog training and a good relationship with your pet can ensure that when a stressful or unexpected situation arises you can have enough control over your pet to protect both their animal safety and the safety of others around you. Animal safety needs to take both your pet and other people and their pets into consideration.

Being aware of your dog’s character and the ways in which they will respond to different situations and animals can help save you unnecessary worry about animal safety and stress when your dog comes into contact with other animals and people.