Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Animal assistance where and when it counts

You love and cherish your pet right? Well what would you do if your adorable cat or dog were ever to go missing? Just the thought of your pet lost and on their own out in the big wide world is enough to send shivers down your back but there is one element of good news in that you can have instant animal assistance to help you fid your lost pet!

Missing pets are a heart breaking thought but you can prepare yourself for the likelihood with Medipet’s insurance cover that will offer you fast animal assistance to help you to find your beloved pet. Medipet’s lost animal assistance means that Medipet will jump in to help advertise and offer a reward to help ensure that your pet is found and returned as quickly as is possible.

Medipet’s animal assistance offers you R250 cover per annum for the advertising and reward payment for both cats and dogs, with an added R1000 animal assistance cover per annum in the case of theft of you’re your dog. Helping you where and when you most need it with your pet is the greatest form of animal assistance that Medipet’s insurance cover can offer you!