Thursday, November 6, 2008

Animal Safety with MediPet Insurance

Your pets are like kids to you and that is why it is important to make sure that their animal safety is well looked after by both you and by Medipet insurance. Medipet insurance is determined to make your life easier and your animal’s health a lot safer. For just R115 per month for your cute little cat and R125 per month for your boisterous pooch you can work hand in hand with a top health insurer to protect the health and animal safety of your pet!

The last thing we as animal lovers ever want to see is compromised animal safety where an animal is in need, hurt or ill, but the reality is that these things do happen, with the right forward thinking and preparation you can be ready to handle anything regarding your animals’ safety. Medipet insurance will be there to cover your finances were anything to happen to your pet and they were in need of medical help. The assurance of not having to deal with piling vet bills and financial worries means that you can focus all of your concern, time and love into your pet who will need you and your tender loving care more than ever!

For animal safety with reliability apply for Medipet insurance cover by giving them a call on: 0800 6334738 / 021 701 2023 or apply online at