Monday, November 17, 2008

Where fleas come from...

Fleas are pesky and horrible little parasites — we are all agreed on that! — but where exactly do they come from and how does your pet pick them up? Well, one thing for sure is that fleas definitely seem to appear faster than they disappear and it can take some effort and time to get rid of fleas once they have a foot into your home or a hold onto your pet. Your pet most likely picks up fleas from other pets or from romping around in the sand. Fleas can also be brought into your home by people who have been in contact with animals or have themselves romped in sand. Once fleas are in your home they tend to make themselves at home in your carpets, your pet’s cushions and beds and are best dealt with as soon as you spot them or even suspect their presence.

Fleas breed quite rapidly and not controlling them and getting rid of them altogether can lead to escalating problems and flea infestations! The first step is to bath your pets – all of them, wash out pet cushions and blankets and vacuum your entire home! You may even need to spray your home with anti-flea sprays as this will kill the fleas and help to control the larvae and eggs.