Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What if your cat won’t eat?

Have you noticed that your cat does not eat properly? Or does not eat quite as much as you think they should be? Cat food packaging does give directions as to how much food cats of certain ages and sizes should be eating but you need to keep in mind that these measures are a generalization and your pet may differ from the norm. This is not necessarily a cause for concern but if your cat is refusing to eat their cat food or seems to be underweight then your best bet is to visit a vet and change around your cat’s food until the problem levels out.

Remember that cats, like children—and even some adults—are at times just being fussy. In this case their eating is not something to be too worried about, but you may need to invest some time and effort into finding a good cat food that your cat is happy and willing to eat.

If you are having trouble or any concerns over your pet’s cat food or eating habits you can feel free to send us an email with any questions or be sure to pop into your local vet to ask some specific questions relating to cat food options.