Monday, November 10, 2008

Finding a kitten to love

The suspense in on to see just what type of a puppy the Obamas choose to take with them to the White House. They have until January next year to make a final decision and find the next presidential puppy, until then we will keep you updated as to any news over their choice. But if puppies are not your first choice of pet then you should be looking around to find you next best friend in an adorable kitten!

Kittens will not grow up to be guard dogs but they can be just as loyal and even protective of their owners! The key to having a long term loving relationship with your kitten is to give them the right start to life. This means that if you treat them as best as you can form eth minute that they enter you life you are definitely set to have a friend for life!

Kittens will purr and run around looking adorable and with a bit of training and attention they will even learn to come running to a whistle or call. Kittens really do not need much more than lots and lots of love, which is a pleasure to give when you know that it will becoming back to you!