Friday, November 14, 2008

Inoculations: the how, when and why.

Inoculations are vitally important to both your cat and dog’s health. They are designed to boost your pet’s immune system to be able to fight off diseases and viruses that may otherwise cause long term or potentially serious health risks. By having your cat or dog inoculated you are not only following pet owner procedures but you are also investing in their long term cat or dog health. But just when should your pet’s have them and what inoculations are needed?

From the age of 8 or 9 weeks your cat or dog needs to have their first sets of injections, thereafter follow up shots will be needed four weeks later. Required inoculations will differ form place to place but in general your cat or dog will be likely to have inoculations guarding them against the following:

• Rabies/ Hyrdophobia - which is a disease that can be fatal to cats, dogs and humans
• Viral Hepatitis - which can result in long term damage to the liver, kidneys and possibly even lead to lung trouble
• Canine Distemper and Cat Flu - which is are viruses that attack the immune system of your dog or cat
• Leptospirosis - which is damaging to the liver and kidneys
• Kennel cough - which is passed on from animal to animal and is another disease that can be prevented with vaccinations if it is common in your area