Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Planning your holiday when you have a pet

The December and school holidays are the perfect time to get away and to travel to new and far off destinations. Having the responsibility of a pet however can make going away seem like a luxury reserved only for those who do not have furry, extended family members. Going away means that you have to ensure that you pet will be looked after while you are gone. This means either finding someone to stay at your and look after you animals or you need to find somewhere for animals to go to.

Your pets will be missing you but you can still make their own pet holiday as comfortable as possible either by setting them up at home or by sending them a kenel or cattery. If you do not have a neighbour, house sitter or pet sitter around to feed, walk and spend time with your pets then your next best option is the kennel or cattery.

Many pet owners actually prefer to house their cats in catteries and their dogs in kennels while they are away. Kennels and catteries offer reliability and comfort in knowing that your animals are being well looked after.