Monday, November 24, 2008

Cat collar

Cat collars come in a very wide range of styles, sizes and colours and are made with a variety of functions in mind. Not only does a cat collar add finesse and pizzazz to your cat’s look but it has a multitude of functional purposes that will serve both you and your cute little cat!

The first and main objective behind a cat collar is to attach to it an animal tag. This tag should be engraved with your pet’s name and your contact details – whether it be a phone number, address or both. By having your contact details on your cat’s collar you are infinitely increasing the chance of having your pet safely returned to you if they were ever to run off or go missing. Another use behind the cat collar is to help prevent your cat from hunting too many birds, mice and other creatures you would rather your cat left alone. Such cat collars come with a bell which jingles with every step and pounce that your cat takes.

It is very important to fit your cat correctly with the right size cat collar to prevent discomfort, choking and to prevent the cat collar from just falling off.