Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cheap Tips

Recently there has been a terrible rise in cat food prices and the steep incline has steadily been increasing throughout the last year. There seems to be no stopping the horrible eventuality of starvation. What steps could we as struggling pet owners take to ensure that neither members of our family waste away this year?

Firstly, it could be very plausible to try to substitute your expensive food with cheaper competitive products. There is always a product out there that contains the exact same ingredients, without the benefit of a label.

Another idea is to stick to dry food, for not only do we save money, but our cats’ digestive systems get an overhaul.

Take advantage of your vets sample counter. While you may feel slightly cheap, remember that you are viably testing out new products, purely for your cats’ health, with the benefit of cat nibbles for about 3 days.

Try these tips and you might just save a few rand this month.