Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Late Holiday Tips

The Christmas/New Year's holiday rush has just come to a close, people are starting to go back to work, and some of us are lucky enough to get leave! Having a late holiday is great for missing out on all of the holiday traffic and hurly burly, even though this year when traffic officials have stated that holiday traffic is down by more than 10,000 vehicles! If you are planning a late holiday (but early January) getaway, then here are some pet tips for you!
- Be sure to book a kennel spot in advance for your pet, and go to visit the kennel before leaving to make sure that it is exactly what you are looking for. Never settle for second best pet-sitters just because all kennels are full. This is a good time to go away on holiday because most kennels are emptying out as people come back from their festive celebrations.
- If you are taking your pet away with you in the car, be sure to have the necessary secure seating arrangements for maximum travel safety. You should get a comfortable cat traveling basket for your feline friend, and invest in a special car harness for your dog (which looks much like a baby harness and seat, although it is designed for four-legged family members instead).
- Be sure to take with plenty of healthy snacks and extra water for your pets as traveling can be very stressful for them.
- It always helps to bring with a pet bed or special pet blanket when you are going away; it's a little bit of home that calms down a restless traveler!