Monday, January 5, 2009

Molting Cats

Your cat is probably going to be leaving a lot of hair lying around this summer as they begin to shed their winter coat – why not give your kitty a helping hand and get them a fun soft brush to help with the grooming process? Your cat will love all of the extra attention!

When choosing a brush it is important to get one that is soft and comfortable, and will get all of the extra molting hair out of your cat's fur without hurting them. You can get a brush that is on the inside of a glove, so that it feels like you are just stroking your cat, or you can get one that is more traditional and features a bristle head mounted on a handle. Either way, both types of brush are available from your local pet store. A few months ago you will remember a blog entry on a clever corner-brush that your cat can use himself – go back and have a look for a really great idea that is inexpensive and easy to make!

Your cat might put up a bit of resistance when you are brushing him or her, so be gentle and don’t force anything. Your cat will appreciate a soft, rhythmic brush with gentle talking and reassurance. Gradually ease your cat into a brushing pattern over a few days, and be sure to reward them at the end of a brushing session to ensure positive associations with this grooming technique!