Thursday, January 22, 2009

Odour away

A little while ago a reader complained that a family member has a rather distasteful habit. They often invite guests over to their home and to our readers’ chagrin the outside entertainment area, while appearing presentable, showcases the cats litter box. It is left in the open, dirty, smelly and full of visible surprises.
The reader eloquently complains that it is a rather horrible experience trying to tactfully avoid grimacing at the offensive tray, but every time a slight breeze wafts by, the odour is at its most pungent, and one can’t help but gag in response.
To avoid embarrassing your family members and to keep a reputation of pleasant hospitality it is advisable to clean your cats’ tray at least once a day, if only by removing the clumpy bits. There are also various different litters to try, several of which cater to specific needs. The best, ultimately, for this family is the silica gel litter, a highly absorbent, odour eliminating miracle product.