Friday, January 23, 2009

K9’s 30 Seconds

A feature that has recently been on Oprah showcased one of her favourite subjects, dogs. The renowned TV personality introduced us to numerous talented K9 friends, from a dog that lost both his front and back legs in a car accident, yet still retains full mobility, to the smallest dog in the world, weighing no more than a pound, and strongly resembling a very furry hamster.
The star of the program though, was a little Jack Russell who could add and subtract when asked simple equations. Everyone marvelled at the amazing feat as he taps out the answer with his paw, cocking his head when listening to the question in a very human-like manner. Oprah had numerous posters around her studio of adorable puppy faces, and later informed the crowd that each dog comes from a horrible puppy mill she featured on a previous episode. Each dog has been safely placed with a delighted new owner. She ended the show stressing the benefits of adoption.