Monday, January 12, 2009

Indoor Cats

If you are thinking about buying a cat this year then there is one big decision that you have to make: are you going to have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat? If you live in a big apartment block with lots of cars and roads nearby, then perhaps the best option for you is to choose an indoor cat.

Indoor cats need a few special items to make living inside a bit easier. These include:
- A good, clean litter box that will be emptied and cleaned out every day. You want to make sure that your indoor cat is always comfortable if they have to use their litter tray.
- Clean and fresh water in a clean bowl. You should clean your cat's bowl on a daily basis to ensure that no grease or germs are present.
- Healthy food in a clean bowl, which will also need to be cleaned on a daily basis. You might consider putting cat pellets into a separate bowl from other wet foods to ensure that the bowls both remain clean and in good condition, and that excess wet food does not go hard and spoil the pellets.
- Lots of toys! If your kitty is going to spending a lot of time inside, then you need to give him or her a lot of fun toys to keep them occupied! Catnip, fake mice, balls, and fun food dispensers are always good ideas.
- A cat scratching post. This is essential because your kitty needs to make sure that their nails are kept 'under control', and you don't want your furniture to act as a scratch post!
- Finally, you should invest in a nice, comfortable bed that your cat can nap in. This is a good idea, even though your cat will probably sleep on everything else as well. It's just a place to call 'home' for him or her.