Friday, January 30, 2009

Matriarch of the World.

Pixie, one reader’s cat, is rather enthusiastic when she wants attention. She is a 15 year old tabby who took an instant dislike to her new owners when she was separated at 8 months from her first adoptive mother, who was emigrating. Pixie was a tiny little thing when her new owners took her, though, her temperament made up for her diminutive stature as she fiercely fought her way into our readers’ affections, biting when you lovingly scratch her ear, clawing when you tickle her chin and attacking for no apparent reason as you cross her path. (This is rather ironic as she is pitch black.)
Is the traumatic adoption the reason for this attitude, or is it just an aspect of Pixies personality?
Pixie had kittens when she was about a year and a half old. They were all pitch black, like her but unlike Pixie, they were much more approachable and loving. Pixie was not the best parent, though she never skirted her duty and kept the little ones in line, she never really showed much leniency and love for her babies. The readers kept one little fur ball and named him Panther. And now, at age 15 and 13 the two still fight and get into territorial skirmishes. Pixie, though, will always retain the title of matriarch, and her son loses more often than not, when these fights break out.
As she matured our readers noted a slight softening in her nature as she was not as aggressive and temperamental when given attention. She, like any other cat out there, demands attention on her terms though. She will come to you when she feels like a massage, whereas if you dare to approach her without consent, she will let you know that you are not worthy of touching her. Pixie lets everyone know, that when you enter her presence, it is an honour, one that should be cherished and revered. In that, she is not so very different from other felines.