Thursday, January 8, 2009

Choosing the Right Pet

It's getting towards the end of school holidays and your children are all probably asking for a new family pet this year – why not give in and help give a dog or cat a happy home? It is essential that you think very carefully about what kind of pet you want before you go and get one, as a pet is a long-term commitment and will inevitably be a part of your family.

ADOPTING A PET: if you want to adopt a pet then you should go down to your local adoption agencies, such as the SPCA, TEARS or DARG, and have a look around at all of the dogs and cats that are kept there. You will probably find a pet that you bond with instantly! While you are being shown around, be sure to ask your adoption agent what type of dog they'd recommend for your particular circumstances (the size of your home, your family and your budget) and they'll help you to make the right decision.

BUYING A PET: if you want to buy a specific pet then it's time to get on your thinking caps! Do a lot of homework to ensure that you know exactly what kind of dog or cat suits your family, your home and your budget. You then need to find a breeder near you, and visit that breeder to have a look at their puppies/kittens and to have a good chat about whether or not that particular breed is ideal for you.