Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cat Scratch Fever

Are you tired of having your kitty scratch her way through your carpet, blinds, and the back of your newly upholstered furniture? Well firstly, it is important that you provide your cat with a scratching post. Cats scratch either to mark their territory, sharpen their claws or to stretch their legs, therefore providing them with a suitable post on which to do this is important. It is suggested that you avoid making use of posts covered in carpeting as the cat cannot dissociate the scratching post with your Persian rug. However, posts covered in sisal rope or corrugated board should do the trick. You can also clip your cat’s nails if necessary (a human nail clipper will do) but do be sure not to cut the nail into the quick. You don’t want to hurt your kitty! If all else fails, and you catch your pet sharpen its claws on your blinds, fill a sprits bottle with some water. It should deter them from doing it again.