Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Origin of the Domesticated Cat

Did you know that until recently the domesticated cat was thought to have originated from ancient Egypt? However this is not so, in 2004 a grave was excavated in Cyprus and it was discovered that the skeleton of a cat that had been buried with its owner. The grave was approximately 5000 years older than that of the earliest depictions of cats in Egypt. It is suspected that unlike dogs, cats were probably not domesticated through the hands of people but that they adapted to urban environments. Their stubborn and independent natures usually mean that cats are rather difficult to train, however with a little patience and perseverance an owner might be able to over come this wild nature, and in some cases even have one’s cat walking on a leash (although this might only be as a result of training from an early age)! Hence you can take a cat out of the wild, but it certainly will be a challenge taking the ‘wild’ out of your cat.