Friday, July 31, 2009

Ensuring a Healthy Diet for your Rabbit

It is important to give your rabbit the right greens as to ensure a healthy pet. This can be done by including greens daily into your rabbit’s diet; these greens may include spinach, broccoli and herbs. Fruit should be given to your rabbit as a treat only, as too much fruit may lead to an obese rabbit, as well as dental disease. Try to buy pellets and hay from your local vet as it is usually fresher than the products carried at supermarkets and/or pet stores. Important to note when changing your rabbit’s diet, is to do it slowly! This avoids sudden changes in the types of bacteria in the gut of the rabbit. A sudden change in diet may also prove fatal to young rabbits, so do take care. Ensure that your rabbit always has access to clean, fresh water and that that your rabbit has access to unlimited amounts of high fiber, good quality grass hay.