Thursday, July 9, 2009

Play time!

Ever notice how much cats love playing, hunting, and stalking? Sometimes, I think my cat would chase anything that moves, provided of course that it’s smaller than her. My cat and I have this game: we stalk each other around the lounge area. She hides behind the couch thinking I can’t see her (when in fact I can make out her tail quite clearly). I slowly stalk her, and she starts stalking me. She wiggles her bum and eventually leaps into the air. I pretend that I’m surprised and run away. She eventually comes round the corner strutting her stuff because she’s the hunter now (and very proud of herself). But sometimes I’m not around, so I leave some nice toys to entertain her while I’m not there. A really clever invention I saw the other day is a furry mouse model filled with catnip. My cat goes nuts for it!