Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Indoor Mess, Owner’s Mistake?

While on the topic of house-training, I thought it important that you, as a dog owner, are aware of what NOT to do when house-training your puppy. Firstly, it is recommended that one does not punish the dog when it messes indoors, at least one should not punish while still in the early stages of house-training. Punishing a puppy before it really understands where it is supposed to relieve itself may cause the puppy to relieve itself when no one is looking. Secondly, is very important that one only punishes the puppy when it was actually caught in the act. Punishing your dog, when it can’t understand what the punishment is for, only makes it confused and upset. The puppy will not associate the punishment with its earlier action. Rubbing your dog’s nose in its own mess is considered particularly counter productive as it suggests your dog that it should continue relieving itself in that particular spot.