Friday, July 24, 2009

What to feed your Budgie

Although wild Budgies eat grass seeds almost exclusively, it is recommended that captive birds' diets be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted seeds, pasta, whole grain bread, as well as pellets formulated for small parrots. Adding these foods provides additional nutrients to your budgie’s diet. Initially your bird might be quite picky, but patience and perseverance should pay off. Involve the kids when making a budgie food mix. It is easy and fun. Mix some berries (don’t include the stones if using cherries) and some pellets together for your pet, or scour the internet for some ‘bird biscuit’ recipes and use cookie cutters to shape them. There are a number of foods that are considered toxic to these little birds and they include: avocado (and their pits); chocolate; alcohol; coffee; peanuts and canned veggies. So do steer clear of these foods in order to ensure that your budgie lives a long and happy life.