Monday, July 27, 2009

Pet Love – Conditionally unconditional

It’s a routine. Every morning I wake up, switch off my alarm, get up and open my door. And every morning there she waits, wagging her tail anticipating my return from the kitchen. My dog, a Yorkshire terrier, although independent loves me like no other. Once I’ve made myself a cup of coffee and climbed back into bed, she sits back in my arms pleading for her morning scratch. This ritual continues until she is in a deep sleep accompanied with an even deeper and louder snore of sorts. Twitching dreamily in my arms, we sit there as only two best friends can, content in each other’s company. Important to note though, is that this ritual is on her terms and her terms only. Let’s not forget who the boss is! A scratch too long, or too much movement and that’s it! She’s out of here, and with a sigh laden with utter annoyance she moves off to the far corner of the bed to inspect her garden for cats.