Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I’ll make it fit!

I have reached a conclusion! Small dogs take up the ENTIRE bed, but big dogs? Big dogs make sure that they fit! No blanket too small, no pillow too minute, no rug too petite. Actually the smaller the better! If that is where they want to ‘make their nest’ (as my mom would say) then that is where it will be. It usually begins with a ten to fifteen minute pawing of the material in question. Heaven forbid that there be a lump of stuffing in the wrong place, not that there is much left to ‘lump’ anyway. This is followed by systematic twisting and turning, stomping and standing as to ensure that every corner of the tiny piece of blanket is exposed as to maximise its use. You will then find that with a breathless groan the said ‘big dog’ will promptly curl up as tightly as possible onto their blanky only to wake up on its back, paws in the air and mouth wide open. Entertainment like no other, I say.