Friday, August 21, 2009

What is Animal cruelty?

Chained dogs: cruel, unnatural and renders a dog powerless to protect himself or his territory.
Dog fighting: extremely abusive – and illegal.
Abandoned pets, horses and farm animals.
Failure of owners to seek veterinary treatment for pets: leaving sick or injured pets to suffer.
Hoarding of cats.
Human/wildlife conflict issues.
Sick or injured wildlife, pets and horses.
Poor handling and transportation of farm animals.
Lack of adequate care and stabling of horses.
Overloading cart horses and under- age driving.
Abusing horses to carry out illegal activities.

The welfare of animals is protected by law, under the Animals Protection Act. Convicted under the Animals Protection Act, offenders must live with a criminal record – and can face a fine of up to R60 000 or three years in prison. The magistrate can also impose a ban on pet ownership and order the offender to complete community service.