Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why not a Guinea Pig?

Are you wanting a pet, but don’t have the space for a dog or cat? Then maybe you should consider a Guinea pig. Guinea pigs get along in groups of two or more, and are kept in cages lined with wood shavings. Grass is the guinea pigs normal diet. It is also important to include fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet; otherwise they may suffer from a vitamin C deficiency. Pellets, obtained from your vet, are also acceptable. Guinea pigs are prone to obesity so do make sure that their diet is well balanced. They tend to be a little messy and startle very easily, and are know to either hide away, or freeze in place when they perceive danger. However, and I must admit I think this would be reason enough to get some, when guinea pigs get excited they perform little hops in the air.