Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sterilisation: the benefits

There’s less risk of females developing mammary gland tumours, ovarian or uterine cancer and other dangerous diseases, especially if they’re spayed before six months of age. They have fewer urges to stray from home, which reduces the risk of them contracting disease, getting injured, being abused or stolen for ‘bait’ for dog fights or ending up at a shelter. Pregnancy and birth are the most stressful times in a female pet’s life. Physical condition, health and immunity are weakened. Complications can arise during pregnancy, at birth or after. Sterilised pets generally live longer, healthier lives. Surveys show that as much as 85% of dogs hit by cars are males that have not been neutered. Their urge to roam (because they’re not sterilised) often costs them their lives. Letting pets breed brings more animals into a world that’s already seriously over-populated. There are already far too many animals and too few homes. They need our help to reduce numbers until there are enough homes for all dogs and cats.