Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Store bought animals

I feel compelled to share the information that I recently came across, on the SPCA website, regarding animals for sale in pet shops. The SPCA regularly monitors the pet shops and the source of their puppies, kittens etc. It is reported that more often than not the animals for sale in these stores are rarely de-wormed or vaccinated and that they may be harbouring viruses that only manifest during stressful periods i.e. being bought by a new family. The new owners then have to deal with an ill animal and the heartache of the little sick pet. Buying animals from pet shops keeps unscrupulous breeders in business. However it is possible to be apart of the solution: Don’t buy puppies or kittens from pet shops. Approach the SPCA if you want to adopt an animal. The pets are vaccinated, de-wormed, sterilised, and micro-chipped and given an ID disc before they go home; and report any concerns about pet shops to your SPCA.