Thursday, August 13, 2009

Problems as a result of over-feeding your fish

As previously mentioned, if your fish is overfed and the water is not changed regularly there are a number of problems that may result. Firstly, low oxygen levels may occur which virtually suffocates the fish, as excess food decays through aerobic processes. Secondly, fins can develop a moth-eaten appearance that often occurs when fish are stressed as a result of overfeeding or poor water conditions. Thirdly, fish may develop ‘fatty liver disease’ which affects the liver function and may result in death. Overfeeding is a major cause of algae bloom. Algal blooms may not be harmful, but in cases of red or blue algal blooms in the tank, the water may become highly toxic to your fish as well as omit a terrible odour. Finally overfeeding may result in clogged filters. The filters are unable to filter the water resulting in a very poor water quality for your fish and increased exposure to numerous fish diseases.