Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little-Pet Care

Preventative health care will save your rodent-pets unnecessary distress. It is important that mice, rats, hamsters and other small pets be examined and their diet and husbandry be reassessed by your vet annually. During your pet’s annual exam include how long you’ve owned your pet; where it was bought; other pets in the house; cage materials and its hygiene; diet; medication use (if any); behavioural changes. Take note of what your vet mentions as his expertise shouldn’t be taken for granted. By providing your vet with as much information as possible and having your pet examined frequently you can help it to maintain good health. It is important, as a pet owner, not to feel ‘silly’ walking into the vet holding your little rodent. They require (and are entitled to) the same kind of care that we would give to our dogs and cats. Some vets have a special interest in small mammals and will appreciate the visit.