Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pet Rights

1. The right to be wanted
You can choose your pet, but your pet can’t choose you. Be sure that you are committed to caring for the animal before you bring it home.
2. The right to proper care
Pets depend on their owners to meet all of their needs.
3. The right to proper food and shelter
All animals need the right food to eat and fresh water every day, as well as protection from the elements.
4. The right to exercise
Lack of exercise and stimulation prevents pet wellbeing.
5. The right to health care
Take your pet to the vet if it’s sick or injured.
6. The right to safety
Watch kittens and puppies carefully and protect pets from the streets.
7. The right to help when in distress
If you see a sick, abused or neglected animal, report it to the SPCA immediately.
8. The right to be animals
An animal isn’t a person. Reward good behaviour and ignore ‘bad’ behaviour.
9. The right to love and company
Your pet loves to play and spend time with you and enjoys the company of other animals.
(SPCA 2009).