Friday, April 18, 2008

Breed Profile: Siamese Cats

Siamese cats and kittens are renowned for their elegance and extraordinary regal look. The Siamese cats appealed to the Egyptians for this very reason and were held as sacred and respected animals in the Egyptian culture from the days of mighty pharaohs and beyond.

Their very specific and unique colouring and patterning makes the Siamese cat an unusual and unmistakable breed. The cats have a cream colour base coat that can differ in shade and texture. The points of the Siamese cat, that is their tails, faces, ears and paws are darker and can range from a light brown – notably darker than the cream base to a rich chocolate and dark brown. Siamese kittens can be born looking quite plain in colour, they are often seemingly a plain cream or light brown but their points do take on a darker colour as they grow older. The Siamese cat’s coat also seems to darken with age and the changes in coat colour have also been known to change with changes in their diets.

Siamese cats and kittens are gorgeous animals and make wonderful pets because of both their visual appeal as well their calm temperaments. They can be fussy cats and some are renowned to have what is described as more of a screech than a meow.