Monday, April 21, 2008

Pet Holiday

With the plethora of public holidays and long weekends coming up in the next couple of weeks you may be thinking of getting away from the house and work for a little while. And when we are thinking of going away, one of the first things we as pet owners need to think about and plan for is a safe and secure place for our pets to stay. When we take a break from the day to day life it would be nice to be able to treat our cats and dogs as well with their very own pet holiday. Treating your animal is simple – they love company, and chances are they love your company over and above anybody else’s. So why not take your cat or dog with you when you take that well deserved trip or break, so that they can be a part of your fun get away and have a pet holiday of their own?

There are many hotels, guest houses and self-catering holiday houses that are pet friendly and actually allow people to bring their pets along with them on holiday. So find out when you are looking around to book accommodation if the places are pet friendly and let you and your pet holiday together!