Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pet beds

Where do your animals sleep? Pets don’t only sleep at night but they also take cat – and I suppose dog – naps during the day. Cats will often make themselves quite comfy in a sunny warm and spot in a garden, or on a chair, and with dogs you will often find them lounging somewhere in a cooler, shady spot. If you are not too keen on your pets spending time on your furniture during the day or on your bed at night, then getting hold of a dog cushion or cat cushion might be the answer to where you pet will sleep.

Having their own beds or dog cushion will give your pet a sense of safety and will allow them to have a space in the house that is solely their own.
Often cats and dogs that get on well with each other will sleep next to each other and can share a bed or dog cushion.

Dog cushions and pet beds come in a full range of sizes to suit any size of cat or dog from the smallest right up the larger breeds. And in terms of style and designs you can have great fun choosing your pet’s new bed in a variety of colours.