Friday, April 25, 2008

MediPet SA

Are you looking for pet health insurance? Well look no further! Medipet is an animal health insurance company that is dedicated to giving you and your pet the best health and financial insurance services around. You can now insure your cat or dog’s health from only R115 - R125 per month and you can rest assured knowing that you will never have to compromise or worry about your finances ahead of your pet’s health needs. With Medipet insurance your animal will be covered for everything from accidents to illnesses and Medipet will even help you to set up a reward and advertisements were your cat or dog ever to go missing.

When it comes to health insurance for your pet you need to know that what you are paying for is both affordable and reliable and with Medipet you can know with absolute certainty that your finances are as secure and are as cared for as your pet’s health needs. Claims with Medipet are fast and hassle free, and should you ever, at any time, require information on your insurance package you do not have to hesitate to contact Medipet for a fast and effective response. Visit for more information on insuring your pet’s health.