Monday, April 7, 2008

Dog training basics - get to know your dog!

If you have a problem with your new puppy or dog because he or she keeps on grabbing at things and pulling things off of tables then take a look at he problem from a new point of view. Instead of leaping into specialised dog training classes just get down onto your hands and knees and move around your house for a while to get to see the world from your dog’s point of view. It may feel slightly silly at first but it works. Soon you will notice what it is and how it is that certain things catch your dog’s eye.

Seeing your house from your dog’s perspective of the world you will find what is not only eye catching to your dog but you can also get a very good idea as to what sort of things around the home may be potentially hazardous to your dog. After this little self dog training exercise you might have found electric cables and other cords that could trip your dog up, that they could get tangled in or that they could chew. You will also notice the heights of chairs and tables from their perspective and will have a much better idea as to where and where not to leave your valuable possessions that you would rather keep unchewed and out of the garden.