Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pets need toys too!

As annoying and as time consuming as it may be I am generally quite amused by my cat’s shredding up of a toilet roll or newspaper. However, it can be a pain and a great hassle to clean up and may not seem worth the effort if you are not as amused by the mischief as I am. You might think that distracting your cat or kitten from the toilet rolls, tissue boxes or newspapers with a pet shop toy may do the trick to stop them from shredding but in some cases you may find that the newspaper and the tissues still appeal to your cat far more than a specially designed ‘cat toy’.

In this case you need to put some ingenuity into practice. Start by making the newspapers inaccessible and by turning your tissue boxes upside down and put the toilet roll on the holder so the flap doesn’t hang down but rather rests on top of the roll. This will make it a lot harder for your cat to get a hold of the toilet paper. And after a few unsuccessful attempts to get to these shredable items your cat may stop trying, return to playing with their pet shop toys and you will be able to turn your tissue box over again.