Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dog health and exercise

Exercising your pet need not be a chore that you feel forced into doing.
Doing your own exercise and exercising your dog is essential to maintain a good bill of health for you and a good bill for your pooches dog health too and it can be more fun than pain! Good exercise regimens for dogs include swimming, running and playing. Most importantly is playing, it’s a form of exercise that is well disguised for both you and for your dog.
Playing also stimulates their senses and by playing with other animals your pet will thrive on the social interaction.

If neither you nor your dog has exercised for a while then start out slowly and go for leisurely 20-30 minute walks around the neighbourhood.
Slowly as both of your fitness levels increase you can start to pick up the pace with some jogging and extend the time of your walks. Along with the exercise, the change of scenery and the time spent outdoors will do wonders for you and for your pet’s dog health.

Making sure that your pet’s dog health is where it is meant to be can be a hassle but as with regular exercise it does not have to be a problem at all.