Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pet Insurance Packages

Insurance is a word that strikes two reactions in people – one, it acts as a word of safety because a good insurance package will be there for your when you are most in need of it. Secondly, the cost of an insurance package is in the forefront of thought when it comes to insurance cover.
With the benefits of Medipet pet insurance being extremely affordable you only have to focus on the primary thought about what your pet insurance will offer to you and to your pet.

By choosing Medipet as your lifelong insurance provider you will receive ongoing cover which is ideal for owners concerned about their pets being involved in accidents or developing a long-term, chronic or reoccurring illness. Once your pet is covered by a Medipet insurance package your cat or dog will continue to be covered for the rest of their life.

An insurance package with Medipet costs as little as R115 per month for cats and only R125 per month for dogs. The cover that you and your pet will receive is extensive and ranges from illness to accidents and Medipet will even help you to cover the costs to find your cat or dog if they were ever to go missing.