Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Puppy Adoption

Adopting a new pet is extremely exciting and loving an animal is a very fulfilling experience. Choosing where to get your puppy from and what sort of dog you want are important things to think about when you are venturing into puppy adoption. Sometimes the dogs make all these choices easy for us by just being cute and by just being in the right place at the right time.
There are many happy pet owners who will testify to never having intended on a certain dog or even on a dog at all, but when their eyes met with the most gorgeous set of puppy eyes they just knew it was a match that was just meant to be.

Here are some practical aspects to puppy adoption that you should keep in
• Choose a breed of dog that is suited to your home space and garden size
• Spend quite a lot of time with your puppy in the first few days in its
new home, it will need to come accustomed to all the new things, people and smells before it will really settle in
• Be sure to remember to get your puppy inoculated
• Have fun, set rules in place early on but you don’t have to be too strict - the most important thing about having a pet is to enjoy its company and share unconditional love