Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Breed Profile: The Seal Point Siamese

Marked by their seal brown and near black extremities (that is their noses, paws, ears and tails) and their light fawn velvety soft bodies, the Seal Point Siamese is a cat that looks regal in both colour and physical structure. As kittens these beautiful cats are as adorable as they are elegant as fully grown cats.

Their deep blue, perfectly shaped almond eyes are also one of their most noted and most striking features. It is also not unusual for Siamese cats to live well into their teens and are even known to live into their twenties! Siamese cats really enjoy company and if you are going to be out of the home regularly it is a good idea to have more than one cat – and it is best to get them both as kittens so that they can grow up with each other.

As kittens these beautiful cats may look a little more like aliens than cats, but as they grow up they blossom into elegant, sleek and velvety furred animals that are also one of the most recognizable and oldest cat breeds of all time! From the age of twelve weeks these kittens are ready to enter a new environment as the kittens will have their basic inoculations and will be sufficiently physically and socially developed to adapt to a new home and family.