Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't let rainy weather get you down!

Keeping your animal dry during downpours can be really difficult when the rain is unexpected and comes very suddenly! The best solution to making sure that your animal has dry, suitable cover is by either building or buying an animal pen, kennel or shelter. The main point in choosing what will best protect your animal is to make sure that they can be well sheltered from rain and wind, and in the summer months it may be useful to make sure they have a well shaded area to sleep in to escape the blaring heat of the sun.

In building or in choosing an animal shelter make sure that the materials are waterproof and that they keep the inside of the shelter dry as well, if the shelter is properly protected to keep the inside dry then your animal will also be protected from wind, just be sure to have an open area in the shelter that allows your pet to freely move in and out of their little home and leaves an area for fresh air to enter.

By having a shelter to keep warm and snug in your animal will be happier and with the assurance that your animal is safe and able to shelter from the weather you will be less pressed to get home when the weather suddenly changes or the rain starts to pour.