Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Puppy Time!

When you have new puppies running around the home you are probably going to encounter one or two little snags that make living with your puppies a little bit of a challenge. Snags that frequently come with having puppies usually involve peeing in the house, biting and chewing on shoes and playing havoc with your household goods. But it really only ever has to a be little challenge and the challenge does not have to last if you can pick up on it quickly and can do something effective to curb unruly puppies’ behaviour.

Puppies are curious and lively, it is part of their cuddly lovable charm and when their bubbliness and energy is diverted into eth right things their exuberance will stay cute instead becoming a problem. To prevent some unnecessary mishaps with your puppies you can make your home puppy friendly in a few simple steps: start by picking up the odd things around the house – this will help your home look neater and will keep your possessions out of puppies’ mouths! Keep cupboards closed and room doors closed to keep puppies out and buy your puppies a few chewing toys of their own so that they know what they may play with till their energy is spent and their little hearts are content.