Thursday, September 25, 2008

Drying your cat or dog after a bath

Most animals – especially dogs and cats – do not enjoy having a bath but even more than they dislike bathing, animals seem to deplore being dried off afterwards! With many animals the easiest and the best way to get them dry is to gently pat them down with a towel right after their bath. With animals that wriggle around a lot and with long haired cats and dogs this towelling dry may take a while but it is very necessary to get your pet’s fur as dry as possible as wet fur can make them feel cold very quickly.

To dry your animal you may even consider looking into buying a dryer – which is very much like a hair dryer but better suited to drying off your pet. Many animals don’t take too kindly to dryers because of the noise that they make, and the rush of air can be very off putting to animals as well. If you do use a dryer to dry your animal remember to keep the setting on a mid heat range and keep the nozzle a good distance away as to avoid burns.

If at all possible try to bath your dog or cat on a warmer day, but if the weather is not cooperating with your animal grooming plans then just be sure to keep the area you are in as warm as you can and keep your pet wrapped up in a towel.