Thursday, September 4, 2008

Missing puppy? get some pet assistance now!

The worst nightmare for any pet owner is the sudden heart wrenching discovery that your pet is missing! After a few seconds of hopeful denial and heart pounding we will tend to check around inconceivable corners and under sofas and beds and all around the home or garden but after some increasingly loud calling there may come a time when our pets have indeed just gotten away from our sight and protection. Pet assistance in this particular time is something that is absolutely invaluable. Medipet knows this and also offers you pet assistance in forms of covering advertising costs for cats and dogs and even a reward payment for found dogs.

The most important thing in a situation like this is to think clearly, call the local vets for pet assistance, and find out if anyone has reported your animal as found, if not then do give the vet your information with a description of your pet in case someone is still to report them found. Pet assistance can also mean rallying up the troops and going out on a search around the neighbourhood – your pet may just have wondered off down a nearby street and pet assistance from family or neighbours they can soon be home again.

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