Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pet Accident

A pet accident or anything that is potentially harmful to your pet is the last thing that you want happening to your beautiful cat or dog. Pet accidents however do happen and the best that we as pet owners can do is to make sure that we are prepared for anything when it happens. Medipet makes this necessary pet accident preparation hassle free and fully reliable. This caring pet insurance company offers you affordable pet insurance that will be there to take care of you financially and will cover your pet accident needs wherever you are in South Africa.

From just R115 per month for your cat or R125 per month for your dog you can get absolute assurity that if your dog or cat is ever involved in a pet accident they will be provided with veterinary help that is covered by Medipet’s health insurance.

For pet accident vet costs Medipet will pay out up to R25 000 to cover all of your pet’s medical needs! Having medical cover for your pets, which you pay in comfortable monthly installments, means that you will not be left with any massive and very sudden vet bills. This way you are financially secure and your animal is protected in all pet accident cases.